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Your Prosperity Journey Without Sorrows Matters To God’s Children.
Raising Problem Solvers For God’s Children
The Yosef (Joseph)
Generations Project
Four Core Components Of Our Mission: MASTERMIND – Personal Development;
MASTERMIND – Thriving Marriage; MASTERMIND – Business Without Walls;

You cannot have a functional society if everyone did what is
right in his own eyes. That’s the path to self-destruction.

David Eyiangho
NTSL Founder Since 1994

"The Yosef (Joseph) Generations have the heart to do what is right in the eyes of God."
Genesis 39:9 ... "because thou art his wife: how
 then can I do this great wickedness,
and sin against God?"
The Yosef (Joseph) Generations
are problem solvers for God’s Children.
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The Closest Thing To True Success That You'll Ever See!
One Hidden Benefit Of Being In The Inner Circle...
A prosperous society depends on families (in father-led homes) raising The Joseph Generations. 

Everyone on planet earth was born with at least a Gift to enhance the lives of people.
Tough Times Antidotes...

Whenever you're despondent about not reaching a goal it's because you’re unidimensional in your Vision ---.
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Framework #1 - The Secret of Personal Development 
Framework #2 – The Secret of Marriage 
Framework #3 - The Secret of Business 
Framework #4 – The Secret of Investment 

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All we see are Solutions

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